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Measurement Management│Solution

 產 品 名 稱 : 計量管理
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DMA partition measurement management

1. The problem of poor production and sales is the biggest pain point of the water supply industry. DMA is currently an effective technical means of leakage control that is highly valued and promoted at home and abroad. Its principle is to divide the water supply pipeline network into several partitions, and install a water meter to measure water use in each partition The difference between the metered water volume and the meter reading of the user in the zone is calculated as the supply and marketing difference of the district. The meter measurement of the zone when there is no user water at night is considered to be the amount of leakage water in the zone.

2. "Uninterrupted night flow monitoring" is currently the most widely used leakage monitoring technology. The principle is to monitor the night traffic of each community regularly and continuously, observe the changes of the traffic, and if the night traffic exceeds each range, then start the leak investigation, monitoring, analysis and positioning.

3. The domestic water company's leakage control experience shows that more than 80% of the leakage water occurs in the water supply community pipeline network. Therefore, in the conditional community, installing a remote transmission meter can detect leakage in time, thereby reducing the overall production and sales gap.