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Cloud service platform│Solution

 產 品 名 稱 : 云服務平臺
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The smart water supply cloud platform is an integrated solution for urban smart water supply based on advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile internet. This platform uses Alibaba Cloud as a carrier, a data platform as the basis, and an application platform as the core. It provides water metering companies across the country with remote meter management, universal meter management, water telemetry management, and daily business management services. Real-time reading of the remote water meter, reading the general meter through the mobile phone according to the charging period of the water department, completing the automatic settlement of water charges, real-time monitoring of the water plants, water supply pump stations, and water supply facilities in the city, and online Carry out pressure monitoring of the water supply network and analysis of water supply energy consumption, and timely discover faults in the water supply facilities and leakage of the network.
●Initial settings
Set the basic data of the system such as water supply branch, water supply area, nature of water use, water fee items, water meter caliber, etc.; manage the system operators and set their authority.
●Form management
General water meter file establishment, large-diameter network water meter file establishment, remote water meter transmission equipment, collection equipment installation, remote water meter registration to the meter reading network; business management such as water meter stoppage, account cancellation, re-metering, weekly inspection, etc.
●Online monitoring (the function of this part requires network table support)
Complete real-time reading of remote water meters, monitoring of abnormal meter reading equipment, and analysis of remote meter reading. Online monitoring of pipe network water pressure, water quality, and working conditions of pump room equipment
●Water analysis (large caliber water meter)
Provide large-caliber water meter flow analysis, night flow analysis, pipe network leakage analysis, water supply and transmission analysis, large meter distribution meter analysis, zone measurement management and other functions
●User file management
The establishment and maintenance of user files, user transfer management, and user development analysis
●Charging for meter reading
Support multiple meter reading modes: manual meter reading, mobile phone meter reading, remote meter reading in real time
Support multiple charging modes: business hall charging, community collection point charging, pre-stored water fee, Alipay payment, WeChat payment
●Customer service management
Water consumption consultation: users consult their monthly water consumption details
Water fee reminder notice: automatically generate reminder notice
Advance payment deduction notice: monthly user advance payment withholding water bill list
●Statistics and Analysis
The system provides a variety of reports to facilitate leadership decision analysis.
Statistical report: Monthly statistical report of various businesses
Summary report: quarterly summary report and annual summary report of various businesses
Chart analysis: analysis of water fee recovery rate, meter reading rate analysis, etc.