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Phone copy chart│Solution

 產 品 名 稱 : 手機抄普表
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| Mobile phone copy table
1. Although more and more water companies have begun to use remote water meters for water measurement, due to historical reasons, most water companies now use ordinary water meters as the main measurement method. 1. The progress of the "meter reading to home" project has increased the workload of meter reading. The traditional meter reading method can no longer meet the development requirements of the water supply company.

2. The traditional manual meter reading method has high labor intensity, long meter reading period, high staff requirements, and difficult monitoring and evaluation. After multiple transfers of data, it is easy to make mistakes, resulting in more complaints from users later, which is not suitable. Enterprise development.

3. With the rapid development of cloud computing, smart phones and mobile Internet technologies, the use of mobile APPs to complete the reading of universal meters has become a complete solution for universal meter reading in water supply enterprises.

4. The meter reader uses a mobile phone to download the meter reading task, read the meter on the spot, upload the meter reading data, and can take pictures of the abnormal water meter on the spot.
5. The management personnel can review the authenticity of the data copied by the mobile phone.